cibdol 10ml(non-registered)
I was been asked to contact.
Please reply back to my email
Keith Loutzenhiser(non-registered)
Bert, lots of great photos, talk to me aout doing senior pictures for austin...I also like the user friendly format to view the pictures.
Louise Kempf(non-registered)
Bert, this collection of photos is awe-inspiring. You have the enviable gift of savoring and capturing the beauty and joy of God's creation in still life. Thanks for sharing your gift so that the rest of us can see what we've missed.
RL Thatcher(non-registered)
Wow Bert, You Can't Keep This Site & Your Obvious Skill/Passion A Secret Much Longer... Well Done!
Julie Hunt(non-registered)
They look great Bert!! Thanks again. I will get orders, and let you know. Let me know when you have the proofs.
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